<> USIM CHIP for your mobile (cell) phone in Korea
When you arrive in Korean Airport ( INCHON INT'L AIRPIRT, ICN), you can buy USIM chip to use your smart phone in Korea.
After you get the USIM chip on your smart phone, please call to John Yim with the phone.

If you have any problems, or questions at any places in Korea, please show the above image (John Yim's Cell Phone no, Hotel address and phone no, our address in Korean and English) to any one except kids or very old people. Then, you can get the solutions.

It takes about US$50.00 ~ US$100.00 from the Airport, Incheon International Airport (ICN), Korea to us.
** After midnight to 4)00 AM, there will be additioanl charge.

There is a TAXI called" INTERNATIONAL TAXI". The taxi fare is less than normal taxi fare thanks to Korean government support. The taxi drivers speak English.

All Korean taxies have automobile navigation system. If you give our training center's address, or hotel's address, or hotel name, or the below map in English & Korean to a taxi driver, he can drive you there without any question.

If you give a taxi driver the cell phone no of Mr. John Yim, 010-8686-1313, the taxi driver will call Mr. John Yim using his cell phone to inform him of your ride on his taxi and make sure of your destination (our location, or hotel).

<> TippingThere is no need of tipping to taxi drivers, staffs of hotels, restaurants, etc -most of places in Korea, unlike USA.

If you show just the Mobile Phone No, 010-8686-1313, all Koreans on the street, in a bus, or
in a taxi will kindly call to Mr. John Yim for you using their mobile phones.
Mr. John Yim can ask them to guide you, or take a taxi (bus, or sub-way train), etc.
In case you have a problem (in communication or Immigration Control, etc), you can ask
Immigration officer to call Mr. John Yim at 010-8686-1313 (Mobile Phone No).
They will (should) make a call to Mr. John Yim, and He can explain for your immigration.
( Korean Immigration Officers have known the classes of John Korea company.)

<> Fare 9,000 ( 9,000 Korean Won , about US$9.00 )
<> Total Time Taken 1 Hour ~1 Hour 20 Minutes ( from Incheon, ICN to our training Center )
<> Getting on to the bus Take the bus #6003 at bus stop 6A or 12B in the Incheon Airport(ICN), Korea
<> Operating Frequency Every 12~20 Minutes
Sstarting 05:00~22:05 at ICN Airport, 4:30~22:00 at the station nearby John Korea Ltd.
<> Getting off BongCheon Station(nearby John Korea), SHILLIM STATION (near Hotels)


5 F., EUNHYE B/D, 1716, Nambusunhwan-Ro

(Old Address System : 5 F., EUNHYE B/D,930-39, BongCheon-8-Dong, Gwanak-Gu)

SEOUL, 08784 (New Postal Zip Code),

Cell (Mobile): 010-8686-1313 <> Fax: 02) 887-5282
Web Sites : www.JohnKorea.com <> www.HairSchool.com