Payment Methods ( Options )
( Only 2 payment ways are available.)

<> For Information for your Payment by Western Union, please click here 설명: I:\!!!!!!!=U32G==7777==홈페이지\!!!!@7777국(속1)=홈페2014-원본2T1a\\_johnkorea\direction_right.jpg

2. BANK REMITTANCE ( Telegraphic (Wire)Transfer, T/T ) to our Bank Account
> For Information for your Payment by Bank Remittance, please click
here 설명: I:\!!!!!!!=U32G==7777==홈페이지\!!!!@7777국(속1)=홈페2014-원본2T1a\\_johnkorea\direction_right.jpg

There will be Bank Charges ( us$40.00) charged by us as extra costs in case you pay by Bank's Transfer because the 3rd bank ( or the re-routing bank) and our bank take such extra costs before we receive your payment. For details, please click here설명: I:\!!!!!!!=U32G==7777==홈페이지\!!!!@7777국(속1)=홈페2014-원본2T1a\\_johnkorea\direction_right2.jpg to see why we charge Bank Charges.

If you make payment by Western Union Online, we can be free from feeling sorry because there will
be no Bank Charges taken by a Re-routing Bank and the bank of a Recipient.

3. PAY-PAL : Not acceptable

We think Pay Pal is not suitable for our international trade.
There must be much extra costs (in exchange rate, commissions) taken by Payment Gate company as another kinds of bank charges of T/T ( Bank's Transfer).

What is more, it takes 7 days in tranfering payment from PayPal to our bank account, in Korea, etc.

We always try to keep LEAD-TIME very short
FROM the beginning (Your Inquiry ---> Our Reply & Quotation--> Your Ordering ---> Our Proforma Invoice
---> Your Payment ---> Our Banking ---> ( Our Production and ) Our Packing --> Our Shipping within/in 1 day ( most of cases), 2 days, or 3 days including the weekend after receipt of payment ---> TO Our Shipping Advice by email.

And we do (want to) not pay(spend) more time and labor (on) for the past order(thing) already shipped,
but for another things

4. MONEY GRAM (ONLINE) TRANSFER : Not acceptable

RE: Why we prefer Western Union rather than Money Gram
Because the bank working for Money Gram is very far.
It takes about 25 minutes to go there. Round way, 50 minutes.
Most of cases, it will take about 10 minutes or 60 minutes if there are some people in a waiting line.
There is only 1 staff in charge of Money Gram-payment

Meanwhile, the bank working for Western Union is just about 50 meters far from our office.
And the bank is our main transacting bank.
There are 4 staffs in charge of Western Union and T/T.
And, what is more, the bank keeps exceptionally special & preferential treatment to
John Korea Ltd and us so that we can save waiting time.

5. VISA, CREDIT CARD, or E-Currency
<> Not acceptable

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