Our Bank Reference for T/T is as follows : ( for US Dollars)
1) BANK:
(TEL: 02-879-2263)
5) Tel :
010-8686-1313 ( in South Korea, or Republic of Korea )
6) Fax :
02-887-5282 (in South Korea)
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Why we charge Bank Charges IN CASE OF BANK REMITTANCE ?
There will be Bank Charges ( us$40.00) charged by us as extra costs in case you pay by Bank's Transfer because the 3rd bank ( or the re-routing bank and our bank take such extra costs before we receive your payment.) For details, please see below to understand why we charge Bank Charges.
As manufacturers and exporters, we basically are not retailers.
In case we accept orders in large quantities only, we would ( need ) not quote or even mention about " Bank Charges".
It would be appreciated if you think our charging extra bank charges as a measure and a means we can accept & handle any kinds of small orders from any one for any little items. Please do not misunderstand about our charging Bank Charges.
Charging Bank Charges for every order ( or payment) is needed by us
(1) Just because we are ready to handle or receive any small orders or trial orders from new buyers with HOPE we can build up good and big business relations in a near future, and
(2) secondly, we have hundreds of different items in dozens of different categories (such as chemicals, machines, textiles, hair goods, cosmetics, etc), which may have so many new inquires come to us every day. Meanwhile, preparing (writing) our replies in details suitable for each of them is not easy, and making a decision by all staffs if we charge Bank Charges or not, and finding how much to charge take much time and efforts. We charge US$40.00 as Bank Charges per T/T payment additionally to the cost of our Products and Freight which are taken by our bank and the 3rd ( re-routing) bank between your bank and our bank. Our bank takes about US$10.00 per payment. The 3rd bank's transferring (re-routing) charges are US$15.00, US$25.00 (most of countries), or more, which are different according to payer's countries.
us$15.00 above has something to do with China, Japan,( Hong Kong in the past but now these days ) only which are
located very near our country, South Korea (Republic of Korea).
But, even the re-routing bank charge of the payment from Hong Kong can be more than us$40.00.
Meanwhile, many of inquiry-senders did ( do) not mention re their addresses, even their personal names. So, we can not know which Bank Charges we can refer to. Which is one of reason why we just make it a rule to quote us$40.00 as bank charges without considering payer's country. ( Please just suppose the case you order for a pc in total of us$10.00, or us$50.00. Then, you can understand why we would charge for bank charges.
It is not easy to make each different quotation for each quantity; 1 pc, 2 pcs, 3 pcs, 100 pcs, 1,000 pcs, etc. So, we have basically 2 ( or 3 ) kinds of prices ; One for small order, and the other very large amount of order.
And in case of very very small order, payer, or buyer must take care of much extra costs such as Bank Charges and Freight per pc, some times more than the cost of a products.
So, you can regard the Bank Charges in our Proforma Invoices as a part of, or another version (conversion) of Minimum q'ty. You may understand ( regard) the US$40.00 as a part of prices of our products, or a part of our Minimum quantity. As international businessmen, we do not mean to make any profit from Bank Charges.
If you make payment by Western Union Online, we can be free from feeling sorry because there will
be no Bank Charges taken by a Re-routing Bank and the bank of a Recipient.

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